Socially responsible business

In our philosophy, success is not possible unless connected to the communities and environment.

We strive our actions to local communities in the countries where the group operates, as a commitment of doing business.

Here are some of our initiatives.

Social and Environmental care

We support social actions directed to people in need and persons with disabilities, also environmental initiatives through our partners commitment.

Czech Republic: Assistance and support for disadvantaged families and orphanages

BRAVO EUROPA Czech sponsors Ibsenka School for children with special needs in Brno, which aims to provide education according to education programs for preschool, elementary and secondary schools. We support this organization to help them continue their individualized teaching special education courses according to the children’s special needs.



Romania: Support for families and children with health problems

BRAVO EUROPA Romania supports on their own families and patients with health problems. During our last implications, we supported treatments for cancer and physical disabilities.
Also, we support the initiatives of Regina Maria Foundation that invests in health clinics and education units for the ones in needs.


Germany: Sponsorship for TTV Bernburg 08 e.V.

Bravo Europa sponsored the initiative “Association for Child and Adolescent Care Bernburg e.V.” – construction of a center for children from families whose parents have drug addictive problems. Our involvement, together with other companies, consisted in the construction of a place dedicated for activities suitable for this center.

At the same time, Bravo Europa supported Fabian, a 12-year-old boy in a wheelchair, in participating in an important ping-pong competition.

Romania: Shelter for families in need

BRAVO EUROPA Romania sponsored Habitat for Humanity initiatives to ensure a place where everyone has a decent place to live in, so to build homes in different local communities. We provided metal tiles and accessories for the roofs of the houses.


Romania: truly commited to the environment protection

This activity is part of the plans of the company to be involved into community and the continuous activities to keep the environment clean. Within the “Let’s Do It Romania” campaign results, the team cleaned 4 streets in Fundulea city. The initiative to attend this event came from the employees of the company, gathering and respecting the organizational activity management of the campaign.

“BRAVO EUROPA’s philosophy is that success is not possible unless connected to the communities and environment. And in this respect the company provides updated technologically products in modern units across Europe that are efficient in processing raw materials, pollute less and output less scraps. So, we decided to be more involved in the local communities and support their development, their social actions in protecting and preserving the environment as a priority and a duty we pass to next generations “ stated Adrian Minuta, Group CEO Bravo Europa.


During last years we have gladly joined the initiative of Caravana Zambetelor (the Caravan of Smiles).

The Caravan of Smiles is the first and only project in Romania, which operates 100% on a voluntary basis. It is a community of volunteers, whose main desire is to give smiles and joy from the heart where “normality” is represented by the metal beds of the hospital or placement centers, where the second family is the medical staff, where happiness it needs to be given and received. The objective of the Caravan of Smiles is to encourage the community to live the experience of giving, all transposed into moments and feelings that become valuable memories for all those involved.

The actions that Bravo Europa braced were related to the activities for children with oncological diseases, hospitalized at the Bucharest Oncological Institute.

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Culture and Arts dedication

Romania: Initiative in culture

Festivalul de Teatru Sibiu / Theatre Festival in Sibiu

Culture is a good action to meet people and to develop the future, so our plan is to encourage culture whether is theatre or any arts; in fact in 2014 BRAVO EUROPA Romania joined the Theatre Festival in Sibiu as a main partner for the local activities.


Sports and Performance commitment

We support young talented athletes on their path to perform well and young people who want to learn about sports.

Romania: Sports Business Academy

We want to actively contribute to the development of the next generation of managers in sports and corporate, so BRAVO EUROPA Romania supports the activities developed by Sports Business Academy, the first project dedicated to interaction between management and marketing in sports, education and conferences for youngs passionate about sports.


Romania: Projects in sports and passion about cycling and aeromodelling

The 6th annual edition of Turul Ciclist al Sibiului gathered 19 teams from 12 countries within 5 daily stages, between July 6 to July 10.

BRAVO EUROPA Romania has sponsored the third stage Balea Lac, where more than 100 competitors from all over the world gathered to compete.


Also, we appreciate initiatives in different sports – like aeromodelling – where 50 pilots and aero models constructors passionate had gathered to expose 120 different concepts. We sustained this activity of Aeromodelling “RedSky” Alba Iulia Club fun&fly to continue their tradition started 50 years ago.


Romania: Young sportive on their path to performance

We love sports and consider sport as our path to be healthy and able to fulfill our dreams and the young generation as a continuity of the kindness in the world. So our support is directed to performance in sport. As we have the interest to have healthy generations, BRAVO EUROPA Romania supports sports like: judo, football, basketball, box, karting.

Also, we have high dreams to achieve and so we preferer to encourage others too, to build their dreams although they prefer to conquer real heights, as Dor Geta Popescu did on the Australia and Oceania 2016 Expedition.


Vom pretui cu dor amintirea sportivei Dor Geta Popescu, o fiinta exceptionala! RIP!

Alina Adriana Corbeanu, at the age of 15, is a very perfomed young talented judoka registred at Romanian Federation for Judo. Her latest performances from 2015 is the Silver medal in U16 National Judo Championship and the gold medal in Croatia, at Balcan Judo competition. BRAVO EUROPA Romania supports her true passion and performance for this sport.


Romania: Bucharest Golf Men’s Cup

The Bucharest Diplomatic Club hosted the “Bucharest Golf Men’s Cup” on April the 20th, marking the opening of the new golf season. Amateur players from several countries including Italy, France, Belgium and Romania took the start at the fourth edition of the competition. We pride ourselves on the fact that through Bel Profile, Bravo Europa promotes excellence and sustains performance, being a sponsor of schools and federations such as: Romanian Mountaineering Federation, the Romanian Federation of Aeroplan Modeling or the Demi Papillon Golf Academy.

“Golf is a sport that apart from exercising and competing connects people into a community whose values ​​are respect, friendship, fair play and especially passion. We will continue to support the DPGA competitions and hope that our little contribution is just a spark to the development of this great sport in our country. ” said Adrian Minuţă, CEO of Bel Profile / Bravo Europa (Romania).

Romania: other sports activation

In the field of sports, BRAVO EUROPA, through Bel Profile, promotes excellence and sustains performance as a sponsor of major champions such as Alina Dumitru and Mihai Leu, as well as sports federations, including the Romanian Mountaineering Federation and the Federation Romanian of Aero Modelism. Alina Dumitru, Olympic champion at judo, added: “In all the steps we make, we need a strong partner. For me, BRAVO EUROPA was one of these partners. The collaboration was a beautiful one, and I enjoyed a full support. I hope the group of companies will continue to help the athletes, because this gesture is a noble one with which they can pride themselves. ”


Bel Profile supports the highest levels of performance!

Clinceni Academy promoted in the first football league. We wish them as many victories on the main stage of Romanian football!

Animal Care and Protection

Romania: Animal rescue and protection

Our domain of activity impose as the assumption that “everyone must have a cover over its head”, in this respect we contribute to the Herbert-Denk-Foundation’s aim to seek for a stately cooperation between humans and animals as well as senzitization in dealing with animals. We appreciate each contribution as it will help to successfully work in the protection of animal welfare.