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    The new Bravo headquarters in the Czech RepublicDue to the accelerated rate of development of the export activity, the Czech subsidiary - Bravo Europa S.r.o. was established in the summer of 2011, intended to serve the clients from the Central Europe. At present, Bravo Europa S.r.o. holds an administrative headquarters and a large warehouse in Brno, which manages the relations with customers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria.
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    See you in Hornbach!

    Starting with this spring, the Hornbach store chain in Switzerland has joined the other countries where Bravo Trading provides the Ydra range of solutions – metal roofing tile, corrugated sheet, collecting system, as well as universal solutions such as metal jamb.

    Of the countries where Bravo Trading is Hornbach partner we mention, in the chronological order of partnership: Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Netherlands and Germany.

    For more information about the Ydra range, designed for DIY retail chains, please visit the profile product page.

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    New product in Bravo range - sinus sheet

    Practical, economical and easy to use, the sinus sheet provides the perfect solution for a wide variety of light constructions.

    The sinus sheet has a wide range of household applications, and can be successfully used for cladding, divisions, coverings or enclosures. It is an economical product, which does not entail additional maintenance costs.

    More information about sinus sheets you can find on product page.



Bravo Integrated Solution

We propose an integrated product-service solution to support competitive projects and long term collaborations.

Since we understand that an exceptional product is not enough to turn you into a true force on the market and to ensure the continuity of strong partnerships, we choose to double our production and distribution efforts with an appropriate technical and marketing support.





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